Hey, I Have a Question for You…

Have you ever heard of

The Productive Compendium?!?


You haven’t?

Well, you’re in for a treat … because that’s what this page is all about.

Here’s the deal…

My name is Henry, and here’s what I do: I’m a productivity strategist, consultant, teacher, coach, and author. I’m also a father, husband, neighbor, friend, and doctor (not the kind that you go to see when you have a cold, but the kind that reads really old books in other languages and then won’t shut up about them).

But, more importantly, here’s what the people I work with have to say about me:

“I’ve been working with Henry for two years now. Because of him, I’m in a new (much better) career, I’m making a lot more money, and I’m taking a ton of “me time” every week. If you’re on the fence about working with Henry, here’s my best advice: DO IT!” —Sarah Crandall, Financial Planner

“Henry’s no-nonsense style is a breath of fresh air—if that fresh air could also make more time magically appear, that is.” —Trent Aldred, Artist

“I will buy anything from Henry. I trust him. I would follow him down a dark alley, if he asked me to.” —Isaiah Fremsington, Web Developer

“The two words that describe Henry’s productivity training are simply the best. There’s no question about it.” —Kyle Wiebe, Freelancer

“I can’t think of a single drawback from anything Henry’s taught me. He’s responsible for changing my mindset, giving me a strategy, and helping me become a better leader. My peers now ask me what my productivity secret is, and I always tell them the same thing: Henry.” —Mark Woodrow, CEO

“Since I started working with Henry, I have reduced my workday to just a couple of hours. I now have more time to spend with my kids, which is the best outcome I could have ever hoped for.” —Christine Rose, Solopreneur

“Henry has helped me get a handle on my day. I now know how to determine what to do and when to do it, which has made a huge difference in my practice. I’m more organized, and I have more peace of mind. I even had the time to finish my novel this year.” —Al Skeptski, Chiropractor

“I tell everyone who will listen to work with Henry. He knows what he’s talking about. His strategies work wonders.” —Vanessa Thomas, Researcher

“Learning to “create more time” for myself might be the most important thing I’ve ever learned. It has completely changed my career. I was holding steady before. But now I’m on an upward trajectory.” —Irma Dueck, Accountant

“Unbelievably life-changing. That’s how I describe working with Henry.” —Jill Lavoi, Designer

“I’m amazed by the difference in my career after working with Henry. I am now waaaaay more efficient at preparing lessons for students. I wish everyone could learn this stuff.” —Jen Stitchler, Teacher

“Henry is one of a kind. He talks the talk and walks the walk. He knows his stuff, and he knows how to communicate. He’s exceeded every expectation I had.” —Amy Dulles, Agent

“I used Henry’s strategies to land the most coveted promotion in my company.” —Ivan Gorluch, Computer programmer

“Since I started working with Henry, I’ve dramatically increased my sales.” —Marco Hernandez, Sales

“I would recommend Henry to anyone who cares about making the most of their time. It’s well worth the investment.” —Wendy Coombs, Counsellor

“Henry taught me what true productivity is. I doubled my income in just three months, and—like he always told me—I did it without working overtime.” —Tyler Reichel, Manager

“I’ve tried the advice of so many others. But Henry is that last expert I need.” —Jay Liva, Writer

“When it comes to productivity, he has no equal. It’s not even close.” —Francis DeMello, Engineer

“Henry’s the best in the biz.” —Chris Friesen, Marketer

“I don’t think Henry’s ever taught me something that hasn’t paid for itself within days. He’s constantly blowing my mind.” —Candace Johnstone, Administrator

“Working with Henry is easily the best investment I’ve ever made in my own success. I would make it again a hundred times over, if I could.” —Jayme Critton, Consultant

Now, after spending 15 years researching, testing, revising, and refining my own unique approach to productivity, and after watching it transform dozens and dozens and dozens of peoples’ lives…

I’ve taken everything I learned and created what I believe is one of the quickest, most advanced & most affordable productivity courses in the world, called …

Let me explain.

I say it’s one of the quickest courses you can take … because you can finish the whole thing in as little as 30 minutes.

I say it’s one of the most affordable … because the Compendium costs a measly $99.

And I say that it’s advanced … because most of the information you’ll find inside is not contained in ANY productivity course you can find anywhere else …

that even includes courses that are 30X the price I’m charging.

The advanced productivity secrets I’m giving away inside The Productive Compendium will reveal you …

My totally REVOLUTIONARY & super SIMPLE way to get so much more done in so much less time …

people will literally think you’ve hired an army of elves to do all your work for you.

I’m not kidding about this. (Well, I am kidding about the elves.)

If you’ve worked with me, you’ll already know it’s true.

But if not, let me show you what I mean.

Here are just a handful of the kind of results people are getting:

My revolutionary approach to productivity doesn’t just help you get more stuff done…

It helps you get it done quickly and stress-free, so you have more time to spend doing WHATEVER YOU WANT

I’m giving you the EXACT rules I follow every day as I run three businesses, juggle clients across the globe, and never work past 2 p.m.

These rules have already been proven in to work in 132 different industries. This includes accountants, lawyers, consultants, administrators, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, doctors, etc. etc.

So, more than likely, these rules have already worked many times over for people in your industry as well.

In The Productive Compendium … I give my ENTIRE philosophy on this “revolutionary” way I plan every one of my days.

Inside the Compendium

I will show you how to “tap into” a stream of unlimited motivation…

How to transform busywork into high value results

How to learn the skill of productivity

And how to work along with your natural gifts and abilities to multiply your results

Simply spending 30 minutes reading The Productive Compendium once will be enough to permanently “upgrade” your productivity for life…

Though, to maximize your results, you’ll want to read it over and over again:

And, when you discover my simple, revolutionary approach to productivity inside The Productive Compendium … you’ll finally be able to STOP worrying about annoying productivity problems like…

  • Running out of time in your day
  • Spending hours on low-value tasks
  • Procrastinating on doing the things you need to do
  • Feeling like you’re getting further away from your goals
  • Stressing out about deadlines
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list
  • Not knowing what to do first thing in the morning
  • Balancing “work life” and “personal life”
  • Having to spend so much time helping colleagues on their projects
  • Running late to meetings and missing deadlines

Basically, once you read the Compendium

You’ll know exactly what productivity means for you and how to create it in your life.

“But what exactly *is* The Productive Compendium??”

The Productive Compendium is not like any other productivity “course” you’ve ever taken.

The entire course is delivered within one chunky pdf, which you can print out and read over a cup of coffee.

There are no “video modules.” There are no “exercises.” There are no “worksheets.” There is no “Facebook community.”

Heck, there isn’t even a specific order you need to follow.

Instead, what you’ll find in the Compendium is a collection of the most effective 101 “rules” for maximal productivity.

I originally created the Compendium to answer the following question:

“If I could send ONE letter to my past self, condensing everything I know NOW about productivity … and if that letter alone had to bring me as close as possible to my current level of productivity, as quickly as possible … what would I say?”

The answer is … The Productive Compendium.

Hence, the “quick-access” format of 101 “rules.”

“I was a bit skeptical at it being a pdf download, but you were 100% right — it’s no fluff, all content”

There’s no fluff … no filler … no pointless stories … no BS.

Every single rule is written to be digested as quickly and easily as possible.

You don’t have to follow it in the order it was written. You can start wherever you want. You can read them a few at a time, or all at once. You can read them on the go, or while you’re curled up at home. It’s totally up to you.

Here’s a selection of some of the 101 rules you will find inside the Compendium:

  • The most important two words for productivity (Rule #11)
  • A list I made for my own personal use of the 5 essential elements of a healthy productivity ecosystem (Rule #20),
  • When to use high-resolution analysis, and when low-resolution is better (Rule #40)
  • The only non-negotiable thing you must do each morning to maximize your productivity for the day (Rule #89)
  • The exact ideal number of items you should have on your to-do list each day (Rule #66)
  • How to use “time horizons” to your advantage and why failure to do so might be killing your productivity (Rule #93)
  • Why you don’t have enough time (Rule #17), and what to do about it (Rule #18)
  • How the magic “D word” will change your life (Rule #51)
  • The different mindset needed for short-term and long-term goals (Rules #30 and #31)
  • How “stacking value” will multiply your results instantly (Rule #23)
  • How to get your brain to do your work while you sleep (Rules #52 and #92)
  • The three essential elements of limitless motivation (Rules #33, #34, and #35)
  • The Three words you must immediately banish from your vocabulary (Rule #46)
  • The difference between pre-emptively planning and reactively planning, and which one is better for you (Rule #63)
  • How to collect accurate data (Rule #42) and then use it effectively (Rule #43)
  • How to solve for value (Rule #6)
  • Ever felt like your day “feels” off … but can’t figure out why? I can almost guarantee it’s because you’re missing one of the three things in Rule #19

Let me pause here for a minute to tell you about Rule #2, which just might be the most important rule in the entire Compendium

Rule #2 is called:

“Remember that you are an acorn”

This rule is about the one CRITICAL element that you MUST have if you want to use productivity to get everything on your to-do list done by noon.

The devious thing is that, even though you need this one thing to achieve biggest and best possible results … it actually IS possible to get a lot done without it. So most people don’t even realize they’re missing it.

But, even if you’re already pretty good with productivity, this one critical element will be a game-changer. Because it’s the foundational element I’ve used to transform my own life, and the lives of hundreds of very successful professionals.

Okay, here are more of the mind-bending insights you’ll find inside the Compendium

  • The one thing you need to do before you can ever improve your productivity (Rule #94)
  • Why you should not believe the lie that some people are naturally productive (Rule #4)
  • The unspoken key to compound growth (Rule #83)
  • Why you have too many things to do each day and how to have fewer automatically (Rule #67)
  • The counterintuitive secret about concentration that you’ve never heard before (Rule #27)
  • The one practice you can do outside of work that will instantly make you more productive (Rule #64)
  • Why your environment is like a marathon runner (Rule #37)
  • How to delete most of the items off your to-do list and never get in trouble (Rule #54)
  • A politically incorrect rule that will help you overcome your fear of what other people think (Rule #99)
  • The two simple productivity tools you are probably overlooking that can give you an extra 60 minutes every day (Rule #100)
  • How to use your own psychology against yourself for yourself (Rule #81)
  • Why you should get up an hour earlier, even if you’re a night owl (Rule #57)
  • Why feeling bad can lead to good results (Rule #45)
  • The one thing to avoid like the plague, if you don’t want your productivity to die (Rule #84)
  • How to write your day like a story (Rule #29)
  • The simplest and most effective way to make sure you never have an unproductive week again (Rule #96)
  • How to plan for the unexpected (Rule #80)

And there’s a lot more…

But before you buy, there are THREE major downsides you must understand:


1. This is NOT a “paint-by-numbers” course that shows you how to do everything (or anything) step-by-step.

By that I mean:

The Compendium does not contain any “formulas” or “step-by-step instructions” for how to apply these rules to your life.

It contains a set of tried-and-tested rules that (if you follow them) can help you become the most productive person in your company or industry.

But it’s not going to take you by the hand and tell you exactly how to implement these rules in your unique situation.

It’s also not a “beginner” course on productivity. Don’t get me wrong here. Beginners SHOULD know this stuff. But the Compendium doesn’t waste any time on the basics (“you need to set goals and value your time,” etc.). That kind of stuff is available for free all over the internet.

So, if you are total beginner to this whole productivity thing, it might not be for you quite yet.

2. The Compendium comes as a pdf file, delivered directly to your email inbox.

If you’re expecting videos, worksheets, and exercises, you will not find them.

If you want a Facebook community to discuss the rules, you will not find one.

If this bothers you, or if you think a pdf file is somehow not valuable enough, please do not buy The Productive Compendium.

3. There are no change-of-mind refunds on this product.

So please make sure to have read and understand everything I am telling you here.

If you’ve read this page and you’re interested in getting your hands on The Productive Compendium, click the button below to find out how you can get $50 off the regular price today.